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Why a Car Dashboard Check Engine Light Turn On?

Uncertainty and Ignorance are two things that you cannot deny or overlook while you drive your car on the road. You may drive your car or you may be a professional driver, you cannot afford to be uncertain or ignorant, especially when you are on the move. You must have the ear to listen to the slightest noise that the car engine makes. Remember, any kind of noise can be an indication of a bigger problem. You can overcome the issue right at the beginning. When the check engine light goes on, then you must notice it immediately as indicates multiple defects that you may need to put right. 

Here are few of the steps you can go for to resolve the problem

Check Oxygen Sensor

The car engine works well until it has the right level of oxygen. The Oxygen Sensor does it for you. It measures the quantity of unburned oxygen present in the exhaust system of your vehicle. It requires immediate replacement if it is unable to do the needful that makes the check engine light going on. If you fail to do so, then your engine would burn more fuel than needed and that can increase the expenses. 

Defects may be on Ignition Coil

The check engine light going on can also signify defect in the ignition coil. It plays a significant role in igniting the care engine. If it loses its potential to work, then your engine may get more time to get ignited or in the worst situations, it may not get ignited at all.  In case you find this issue in the car engine then you would need to replace it immediately. 

Check the Gas Cap

If the gas cap is loose or missing, then the check engine light goes on. This is a big risk as it may happen at any moment. You must get the car engine checked on a regular basis to identify the defect and get it to repair at the earliest. If you don’t repair, then the fuel may get lost due to evaporation and that would increase your expenditure to a greater extent. 

Spark Plugs And Wires need to check

Apart from the ignition coil, the spark plug and wires also play a major role in igniting the car engine. In case they get a wear and tear or even if they get loose, then your car is sure to encounter the defect. Due to the serious impact of this defect, you must repair the wires or replace them at the earliest. 

Check the Mass Airflow Sensor

The Mass Airflow Sensor measures the quantity of air entering the car engine at a particular point in time. It measures and determines the exact quantity of air need to keep the engine going. If you fail to repair the sensor on time, then your car may get serious consequences due to damage to the catalytic convectors, spark plugs, oxygen sensor. 
Keeping your vehicle in the right order is your responsibility that you must do with great care. You must do it by driving the car itself. Notice the noises that the engine makes and respond to them as early as possible. To know more about why the check engine light goes on, you can speak with one of the oldest towing service provider of Kent, WA. There you will get knowledge of all the possible reasons for check engine light on and the way to rectify them.

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