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Cheapest Car Towing Service for Kent City

Which Company Provides cheapest rate for car towing service for Kent City?

Cheapest Car Towing Service in Kent City | Call Fly Towing on: 206-900-0005

There are numerous amount of towing companies operating in Kent city some of them are very large with having twenty to thirty tow trucks operational in the city and nearby area and some are so small that have just one tow truck. Interesting thing I found with all these towing companies are, that they all claim that they have the cheapest rate for car towing service in Kent city.

So I decided to compare their car towing rates. To compare the rate I made a list of all the towing companies running their business in the area. I also included towing companies from nearby city which stations their tow trucks in the Kent city to grab the needy customer.

I divided the list into two half’s A and B.

In the List “A’’ I putted the companies older than ten years and in the list “B’’ I had putted the companies lesser than ten years. To get the fair result I made a separate column for the estimate reaching time of the tow truck’s especially in an emergency.

After making the chart I phoned all the towing companies of the city, and asked for their charges, their estimate reaching time and the availability of their tow trucks at my location. I found almost all the towing companies have similar towing rates but found big difference on estimate reaching time.

Well, after comparing all the towing companies I came to a conclusion that Fly Towing provides cheapest rate for car towing service for the Kent city. They are one of the oldest towing company of the city, with having experience of more than twenty years and having multiple tow trucks for multiple locations. The best thing I found with Fly Towing is that, their estimate reaching time is comparably low than other towing company of the city.

If you want to avail Fly Towing car towing service for Kent city visit their website or call them to find the nearest Tow Truck on: 206-900-0005

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