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Web Local offers extensive SEO training in Kolkata.Our instructor-led program is designed to help you accelerate your career. It is carefully curated to help you master all facets of SEO efficiently. Our trainers are industry leaders. They help transform you into an industry ready SEO professional. Our professional SEO training in Kolkata will inculcate in your in-depth SEO knowledge.

Key differentiators

  • Live projects: Our trainers make you work on live projects individually and collaboratively.
  • Support and Guidance: Even after the SEO training ends, Web Local extends support and guidance to its students.
  • Working Knowledge: Our SEO training is an appropriate blend of theoretical and applied knowledge of SEO. We give you adequate working knowledge to begin your career as an SEO professional.
  • SEO Tools Expertise: Our trainers train you to use a variety of cutting edge SEO tools immaculately. Some of them include Google Search Control, Google Analytics, Keyword Planner and SEM Rush.

We help you improve your internet marketing skills with our in-depth industry insights. No matter where you are in your SEO journey, we always strive to push you towards excellence. Irrespective of whether you are an individual, an organization, a company or an entrepreneur you will benefit from our SEO Training in Kolkata.Our course is crafted to cater to the different needs of job seekers, students, executives, bloggers, businesses, freelancers and consultants.

Our SEO Training in Kolkata is always attuned to the latest search engine updates and the demands of the current market. SEO skills attached to your sleeves only guarantee success on any career front. We work to build you into an SEO professional who can break into new markets and amplify ROI.

Our students always have a competitive edge over others with extensive and in-depth SEO knowledge, and real life SEO experience. Working experience with premium SEO tools, technical expertise and the requisite industry insight will separate you from the clutter. What we give our students is unparalleled personalized attention and unrivaled push to progress every day.

Once a student completes the training and we find him good on his work we hire him for our company. Our company is providing SEO services in Kokata, India as well as abroad. We have happy clients in Dubai, United States, Canada and New Zealand. One of our happy clients on United States is Fly Towing.

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