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Re Piping

Re Piping is the process of replacing the old pipe of entire home or commercial property and putting the new one in place of that. Re Piping is an expensive process, because in this process the pipes of entire house get replace. Plumber only suggests re piping when they don’t find any permanent solution of a plumbing problem. Some time home owners also want to go with re-piping when after calling the plumber for several times they don’t find any solution of their problem.

Why need Re piping?

There are following reasons for choosing re piping service:

If the pipe lines are 50 to 60 years old

Generally the lifespan of a pipe considered as 50 to 60 years. After which pipes need to replace. In old days mostly pipes are made of cast iron which gets cord after few years. Pipes life also depends on the water quality. Sea water or Underground water affects the materials of the pipe and the get rust. This rust decreases the water pressure and the cause holes in the pipe.

When any repair work damage the pipe line and make multiple holes:

Some time the repair work done on the floor or on the garden, damage the pipe result you always face decrease of pressure and less water. If the damage is minor the problem can resolve by just changing the damage portion. But if the damage is hard to hard to identify or the damage happens in multiple areas then re piping would be the final solution.

When water pressure get decrease

Water pressure mostly gets decrease when the inner portion of the pipe gets corded by the minerals in the water. These cords reduce the thickness of the pipe. Giving less space to the water to flow and reduces the water pressure as well.

Pipes need on the process of re piping

Generally there are two types of pipe used these days on Re-Piping Copper Pipe and PVC pipe.

Tools use in re piping:

The tools mostly use in re piping are Pipe Wench, Chain lock pliers, Crescent, Cutter and a tool for making threads.

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