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How to repair water simple technique

How to Repair Water Heater

When you are dealing with a water heater how do you know that your water heater needs to be repaired? If you notice some signs such as low hot water pressure, fluctuating water heat, leakages, water heater is exhibiting unusual sounds, rusty water, and the hot water doesn’t last for long, then it means that you need professional help to repair a water heater.

Things Need to remember while repairing water heater

The most important step towards repairing a water heater is to accurately identify the water heater part that is causing the issue. For example, if the water is too hot or not getting hot or the temperature changes between hot and cold then most likely this indicates that the issue lies with the water heater’s control thermostat. 

The next step is to shut off the power. Since most of the water heaters are supplied with voltages that can cause burns, shocks and even death, it is important to shut off the power in the electrical panel by moving the handle of the circuit breaker or the switch dedicated to the water heater to an off position.

In order to repair the water heater, you are required to access panels which are usually held together with multiple screws.  The next step would be to clear away the view of the controls or any insulation blocking access like the high-temperature switch and the thermostat. Once the insulation is removed, shock protectors will become visible, and it will become easy to inspect them.

If you successfully want to repair the water heater this step is very crucial. This step involves looking for any obvious damage such as poor seal between the heating element and tank opening, soldered or poorly fitted hot water output pipe or the cold water supply pipe, rust coats on controls and wires, and any internal harm to the controls. You must carefully inspect individual parts of the water heater such as a high-temperature limit switch, upper and lower thermostat, heating element, batteries, and wires to find out the root cause of the problem.

The next steps to repair the water heater must be carefully decided based on the identified issue or issues. The time it takes to repair the water heater is also dependent on the same.  Different water heater issues have to be catered to differently. If you see too many irreversible or cumbersome problems with your water heater, you may need professional help to repair it or replace based on the severity of the water heater’s condition.

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