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Assemble computer at $110 Only

It is hard to believe that a computer can assemble at $110 only, but it is true. In the article bellow I am going to mention all the parts required to assemble a computer with their price and also the process.

The computer parts required to assemble a PC and their price.

  1. Cabinet                              $10
  2. SMPS                                $10
  3. Mother Board                   $30
  4. Hard drive                         $10
  5. Processor                        $09
  6. RAM(memory)              $10
  7. Monitor                          $27
  8. Keyboard                        $02
  9. Mouse                             $02

Details of the parts required to assemble a computer:


Cabinet is a box which provide house for all the computer parts like motherboard, processor and memory. In the hard ware store you can easily get computer cabinet at the rate of $10. Remember don’t trust on online price as online price are always higher than the computer hardware store.


Motherboard is the most crucial part of a computer. It holds all the circuits and also provides spaces for other computer parts like Processor and RAM (memory). You will get hard drive easily at the rate of $30.


SMPS is actually a transformer it supplies current to all the computer components. In the hardware store you can get SMPS easily at the rate of $10.

Hard drive:

Hard drive is a device where computer stores all the data. Whatever you save in a computer, it gets stores in the hard drive. For the normal work 500 MB hard drive is enough. If you buy a new hard drive it will cost you $100 alone. But to save money you can by second hand hard drive which will cost you less than $10, and they will work fine.


Processor is considers as the brain of the computer, and controls all the activities, whether it big or small. New Processor cost in between $100 to $150 but second hand processor almost comes at no price some time free with the motherboard. You can easily get a processor at the hardware store at the rate of $9. Remember you have to do bargaining on the second hand products like hard drive and processor. Most of the time I had seen people getting scared of buying second hand electronic product. But trust on me hard drive and processor do not get defect, even after running for many years.


Computer speed totally depends upon the ram. You can get a brand new ram at a hardware store at the rate of $10.


Monitor is actually a screen where you can see the data, Images, videos or the websites. In a hardware store you can get new monitor at the rate of $50 but if you want to go with the cheaper one, you can purchase second hand monitor, which will cost you in between $20 to $27 depending upon their quality.

Keyboard and Mouse:

It is my suggestion to purchase the combo. In the combo you get keyboard and mouse both, and they will only cost you $4.

Tools need for assembling and repairing computer

The tools you need to collect before starting the job of, repairing or assembling computer are Screw Driver, Wire Cutter, Needle Nose Pliers, Chip Extractor and Nut Driver.

Process of assembling a computer

First you have to collect all the equipment required like Cabinet, SMPS, Mother Board, Hard Drive and RAM.

After collecting all the computer parts, you need to gather all the tools, required in the action. Once you collected all the equipment and the tools for assembling computer. You can start the process. Remember go slowly with the process because most of the parts are very sensitive and can damage, if not taken proper protection. Even you can heart your self.

So rollover you sleeves and get start. It is always better to start the process with motherboard. First we need to install RAM in the ram slot of the mother board, then we need to connect the fan wire to motherboard fan plugin. After connecting the fan plugin we need to connect hard drive cable to the mother board’s hard drive port. After checking every cable and there port are in proper condition, we can move to the SMPS. SMPS need to install at the upper portion of the cabinet and it have to be tighten by the screw. After installing the SMPS we need to plugin all the cables respectively in mother board, hard drive, and in the cabinet.

Installation of Hard Drive

After installing SMPS we can move to hard drive. Hard drive have to install on the hard drive slot of the cabinet and as instructed earlier the cables have to attached between hard drive plugin point and motherboard and power cable between hard drive and SMPS to supply current to the hard drive. .

Installation of processor in the motherboard

At the center of the motherboard you will find the slot attached with a lock to hold the processor properly. To install the processor first you have to unlock the slot and have to put the processor on it. after installing the processor you have to re lock the the slot.

Installation of the processor’s cooling fan

Processor usually get very hot while operation, and it requires constant cooling mechanism. To cool the processor a fan installed at the top of the processor. To install it first a coolant pest have to apply on the top of the processor then you need to put the fan on the top of it. Remember in between the processor and the fan coolant pest have to apply properly, for the proper insulation. Fan power cable have to connect with the SMPS to supply current on it.

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